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About Us

The Inspirational
The Daring
The Makers of Change

The Inspirational   The Daring   The Makers of Change

CADOGAN is an American menswear brand that challenges the mediocrity of basic ready-to-wear fashion staples. Founded in 2016, we define a new breed of unapologetic, masculine luxury with striking trans-seasonal designs that embody the essence of greatness.

CADOGAN answers the call of the aspirational consumer committed to building their own personal brand. As a reflection of uniqueness, innovation and purpose, our minimalist modern apparel and accessories are each marked with precise detailing and crafted with exclusive quality. They evoke a sense of quiet confidence, composure and masculine sexiness.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CADOGAN commands the gateways of the East and West through our direct-to-consumer website as well as official offline partners.

We welcome you into our World. Explore the CADOGAN Collection.