4 Key Questions For Rapid Growth

CADOGAN Institution: Part 1 - Mini Series on Personal Growth

If you are reading this, you most likely want more for your life. Even if you are extremely successful and happy, hopefully you are seeking more growth and improvement. Maybe it’s growth in your business or career you are after. Maybe it’s personal growth you want. Likely it is a combination of both. How do we do that though? I believe this process of growth is a journey that is based around 4 key questions. If we will ask ourselves these 4 questions, we can not only find the growth we are seeking, but also rapidly accelerate the process.

The first question is “Where am I now?”. We must have a starting point if we are ever going to get to where we want to be. Where am I physically? Where am I spiritually and mentally? Where am I in my relationships? Where am I in my business or career? If we are not clear and honest about where we are, then it will sabotage the whole journey. This is the starting line that allows us to set a course to our destination.

The second question to ask is “Where do I want to be?”. Once we have our starting line, we then can determine the finish line, the destination. Where do I want my life to go? What impact do I want to make? What do I want to accomplish? What kind of legacy do I want to leave? We must have clarity around this destination, or we will wander and never have true direction.

The third question is “Who must I become to get there?”. This is where the change, and ultimately growth begins. Once we know where we are starting and where we are going, now we must determine what this will take. The truth is that it will take us not only doing different things, but actually becoming a different person. If we want different results, we must BECOME a different person. What habits and routines need to change in my life to become that different person? Who do I need to spend less or more time with? How do I need to begin to think, act, and speak? The destination we are seeking for our lives will require us to literally change who we are. 

Lastly, the final question is “How can I begin to step into that person today?”. Here is where the rapid acceleration of that growth happens. We have determined the person we must become to take us from where we are to where we want to be. Now we can set that pace of change. The fastest way to do that is finding how we can act like that different person, now. Can I begin to add those different routines today? Can I seek out those new relationships and remove the old ones today? How can I start thinking, acting, and speaking differently right now? As I begin to step into that different person, I will begin to find the results that person has. The faster those changes are made, the faster the growth and transformation can happen.

So, now your journey is set. You have determined a starting line and a destination. You have determined how you must change as a person to get there. Now the choice is yours how fast that happens. If you begin to step into that person today, you will see growth and transformation faster than you ever imagined. Will it be easy? Definitely not. Will it be comfortable? Not at all. Will it be worth it? 100%. The destination you are seeking and the person you will become is all worth the struggle. More impact, more income, more freedom, and more fulfillment are all on the other side of this journey. Embrace it, because it is what you need, and it is what the world needs. The world needs the best version of you.


Written by: CADOGAN Man, Cole Taylor

Cole is a Business & Performance coach and the founder of The Starting Line.

He has spoken and musically performed in front of crowds of over 30,000, is a Former D1 Athlete, a licensed Pastor, and holds an MBA. With this unique, balanced perspective Cole is extremely gifted in helping people create MORE in every area of their lives.

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