Are You Succeeding?

CADOGAN Institution: Part 2 - Mini Series on Personal Growth

Two questions for you today:

1.Are you succeeding in life?⁣

2.How do you even know?⁣


The reality is most people define their success by how they FEEL they are doing. ⁣


They say things like:

I “feel” like my relationships are healthy.⁣

I “feel” like my body is in shape.⁣

I “feel” like my business is doing well.⁣

But the problem is our FEELINGS are produced by our FOCUS.⁣

The same situation can FEEL good or bad depending on what we FOCUS on.⁣

For example, you could say -

“Well, I’m better than I was...” So, you feel good.⁣

Or -

“But, it wasn’t what I wanted it to be...” So, you feel bad.⁣

Or -

“Well, it could have been a lot worse..” You feel good again.⁣

Or -

“But, it wasn’t as good as theirs was..” Now you feel bad again.⁣

Same situation.. different focuses & different feelings. ⁣

Was it a success? You have no idea...⁣

This is why we must determine what success is.⁣

We must define wins & losses.⁣

We must set clear targets.⁣

We must MEASURE success based on FACTS not FEELINGS.⁣

If not, we are just guessing.

We are lost.

We never truly know if we are succeeding or growing.⁣

We will never reach the potential we are searching for.⁣

So, that area you want growth in?⁣

Define the win. Make it measurable. Start acting and track your progress.⁣

Did you hit it? That’s real success.⁣

Did you miss? You failed.⁣

How do you know? Because you have FACTS.⁣

Friends, this is where growth happens.


Written by: CADOGAN Man, Cole Taylor

Cole is a Business & Performance coach and the founder of The Starting Line.

He has spoken and musically performed in front of crowds of over 30,000, is a Former D1 Athlete, a licensed Pastor, and holds an MBA. With this unique, balanced perspective Cole is extremely gifted in helping people create MORE in every area of their lives.

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