Benefits of a Raglan Sleeve

With a deep history in baseball, the raglan sleeve has been a winner for decades. The raglan sleeve is the trademark for baseball jerseys because it allows players to easily pivot, bat, and lift their arms.

As for applying this technique to leather jackets, transferring this rich pedigree of unrestricted movement and seamlessness to leather was both challenging and inspiring. Over several months we worked with our manufacturer to understand exactly where the middle shoulder seam must be placed and its correct angle of curvature to create comfort and mobility. 

A raglan sleeve is a sleeve joined by a diagonal seam that extends from underarm to neckline. The raglan sleeve is featured in both of our best selling jackets, The MAVEN and The ASPEN. For CADOGAN wearers, the benefits of raglan sleeves are the perfect combination of men’s style and function:

  1. Freedom of movement — Since it was originally constructed to allow a greater range of motion, the benefit of raglan sleeves is its natural, flexible shoulder mobility.
  2. No shoulder seam — The lack of a constricting shoulder seam is a significant benefit of raglan sleeves. If you have well-defined shoulders, the raglan sleeve will show them off without the interruption of a stitched seam.
  3. Wider underarm fit — With a wider underarm fit, the raglan sleeve easily accommodates a variety of different body shapes and sizes.
  4. Casual look — Raglan sleeves are naturally relaxed, sporty, and casual. However, additions such as Henley collars, buttons, and subtle stitching details can make a casual looking top quite formal.
  5. Easy to layer — The relatively relaxed fit and stylish color blocks make the raglan sleeve the perfect companion for a layered fall look. 

As a timeless design that has been around for decades, we are proud to offer raglan sleeve engineering as a key pillar in our design process and product innovation. Click this link to explore our latest arrivals featuring the raglan sleeve. 

(Historical Credit: Shirt Space)


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