Demian Bichir in CADOGAN for "Chupa" Press Tour

Mexican actor Demian Bichir has made a name for himself in Hollywood with his powerful performances and versatile acting skills. Bichir has been cast in the lead role for the recently released American fantasy film, "Chupa".

Bichir was born in Mexico City in 1963, into a family of actors. He began his acting career at the age of 14 and went on to study acting in both Mexico and the United States. He has appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout his career, including "The Hateful Eight", "Che", "Weeds", and "The Nun". Bichir has received critical acclaim for his work, earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his performance in the film "A Better Life".


Bichir's latest film "Chupa", shares a wonderful story about how teenage boy, Alex, who gains an unlikely companion when he discovers a young chupacabra hiding in his grandpa's shed. To save the mythical creature, Alex and his cousins must embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Bichir plays the role as Chava, Alex's grandfather.

Demian Bichir in CADOGAN

For his press tour, Demian Bichir, is seen wearing CADOGAN on several occasions, including wonderful interviews in the JAXON Leather Biker Jacket & ASPEN Leather Bomber Jacket.

Interview & Images Courtesy of ABC: Click Here

Demian Bichir in JAXON Leather Biker Jacket

Interview & Photos Courtesy of NBC New York: Click Here

Demian Birchir for Chupa

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