Making The Most of 2020

Given the current global climate, COVID allowed us to see the brand in a new light. Much like yourself, we found ourselves living a new normal such as working from home or only having the opportunity to eat outside at restaurants. As a company, this new normal encouraged us to evolve, see the brand in a new light, and adapt.

With this in mind, we really enjoyed creating and styling our latest collection. At our core, CADOGAN is a brand that embodies celebration, social engagement, and the creation of a dynamic lifestyle. For most of us, 2020 was very limited in all of these opportunities. Therefore, it was important that we didn’t ignore our DNA, but adapt and create a portfolio of new products and imagery that represent the current times.

Our design team re-calibrated by focusing on high-quality everyday essentials that can be worn at home, for an afternoon lunch, or that first meeting you are having after 6 months of hibernation. These essentials include the introduction of our very own Pima Cotton and Slub Cotton tees. These easy-to-wear designs can be styled for the day into the evening pending on what you have planned. And for the first time, we introduced CADOGAN as a more casual look styling our tees with Nike Air Max or a casual shoe from the likes of Aldo.  

As for our CADOGAN Jackets, we proudly introduce our Suede Jacket Collection, the DRAKE & CAPITAL, and our Nylon Bomber Collection, the AIREX. As much as we love a quality casual and relaxed style, we still couldn’t ignore the bold voice of our brand. The CAPITAL is beautifully lined with navy blue Italian satin and the black AIREX Bomber Jacket is finished with a deep red Italian Satin. All of our newest jackets pair well with a more casual light blue, grey, or black denim.

We truly understand that 2020 has been a ride. We are hopeful that we successfully embraced this change just as you have and have provided you with attractive designs to help you make the most of these final months in 2020. Stay warm, stay healthy, and adapt. Finish this year on a high note, CADOGAN Man. You got this!

Yours Truly,

Cadogan Price & The CADOGAN Team

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