Our New Pima Cotton Tee Collection!

Introducing the CADOGAN 2020 Fall Tee Collection

With October comes the introduction of the newest CADOGAN Collection. We are excited to announce the availability of our new cotton tees this fall! In an effort to bring you behind the scenes of our decision making, here is why we produced these new tees.

First and foremost, our keystone product is a CADOGAN Leather Jacket. What better way is there to style a leather jacket than with a sharp tee. With this in mind, we went to work creating a new cotton collection that features henleys with stylish metal buttons as well as cotton tees with different silhouettes and hemline drops. 

It is often said that cotton is the king of fabric. Cotton has been used to create clothing for over 7,000 years and its fibers are in an estimated 60% of all garments created today. For centuries, as far back as we can remember, the majority of us have loved a solid, classic cotton shirt. Cotton's greatest attributes are that it is breathable, soft, comfortable, and easy care. 

But what makes CADOGAN Cotton different from many other offerings out there? 

This October we are excited to introduce locally sourced Pima Cotton finished with a silicone coating. After month’s of research and development we have landed on this premium solution and as a result, now all of our cotton is sourced here in the United States. This hand-picked cotton is sewn into a raw fabric in Los Angeles and then finished with a cutting, sewing and dyeing process in Los Angeles as well.

What is Pima Cotton? 

Cotton fiber is a natural fiber produced from two different species of plants. 90% of cotton clothing uses Upland cotton. The other 10% of the market is a higher quality cotton, coined as Egyptian cotton or Pima cotton. While Egyptian cotton has a rich history that stems from agricultural efforts along the Nile River Valley, Pima cotton has its roots in the United States and has been coined as America’s luxury cotton offering. Pima cotton has much longer and silkier fibers than Upland Cotton, hence garments made of Pima Cotton can be viewed as a premium product with softer hand feel and durability. Pima cotton’s fibers are exceptionally strong due to their length in comparison to Upland cotton and as a result a garment made of Pima cotton can endure multiple washes more successfully than your standard cotton tee.

What else did CADOGAN add to make these tees standout and last?

We have added a silicone coating to our new tees. This silicone coating will help to protect the Pima cotton fibers during washing. In addition, the beauty of this silicone coating is that it creates an even softer hand feel. As part of our decision making on tee construction, we also came to the conclusion to limit the enzymes in our dyes to protect the resilience of the tee fibers. Although enzymes help to create rich color in dyes, they do eat away at the fibers in the dying process, thus weakening the garment.

We would also love to point out that along the inner neckline of our new tee collection we have added black polyester taping. This taping follows the seam across the inner top shoulders. This taping has been added to not only improve the aesthetic of the tee, but to also add structural support to the shoulders. For all garments, it is of utmost importance that you protect the shoulders so that after washing the garment still maintains its sharp fit and silhouette.

By partnering with excellent manufacturers and then adding our own personal touch, voila, we created your new favorite everyday tee!


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