Sharp Italian Satin

Our Italian Satin Lining is 74% Acetate and 26% Polyester. It doesn't get much better than this!

Why did we choose to proceed with this special blend?

Fabrics made from acetate offer a high level of comfort to the wearers. Acetate has leading moisture absorption properties. This characteristic ensures better sweat control for wearers, enhancing their comfort levels. Also, acetate fabrics drape well and conform to body contours without clinging.

In addition, acetate is an environment-friendly fiber in that it is manufactured from wood pulp. Because acetate is from natural resources, it is hypoallergenic as compared to synthetic or chemical fibers.

Polyester plays an important role in fortifying the fiber matrix and providing a shine that is undeniably sharp.

Shop the CADOGAN Leather Jacket Collection and experience the power of this lining!


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