We did this so you don't have to!

We spent $10,000 USD on leather jackets so you don't have to. Here is what we found out. Brands increase their margins by:
  1. Limiting the number of seams in their jacket designs. The result is a poor fit and fewer design variations available.
  2. Use cheap hardware, especially zippers. The result is hardware will not last as long as the jacket.
  3. Use a polyester or cotton lining to save money. The result is the lining will most likely be the first to tear and lacks breathability and warmth.
Now what we have done to build a jacket that will last and fit comfortably right out of the box:
  1. Each jacket is over 40 unique measurements and at least 25 precisely cut pieces of leather. Each additional seam allows us to tailor the jacket's fit.
  2. We spent $25,000 USD on testing our metal hardware to ensure that it is military grade. All jacket hardware comes with a lifetime warranty.
  3. We use Acetate for the lining. Acetate is made from wood pulp, a highly breathable and dense fabric matrix that is far more resistant to wear and tear.

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We bought and tested 300 different tees so you don't have to. Here is what we found out:
  1. Most brands can't seem to get the sleeve length and width right. The result is either an overly loose-fitting sleeve or one that is too short and puckers out. Far from sharp looking.
  2. Many brands are now using spandex in their fabric composition. All in all, the shirt may look great on the first few wears, but once the spandex wears out you are left with a baggy shirt. Be careful when you wash these tees.
  3. When you hang many of these shirts on a hanger, the shoulders quickly lose shape. Truly disappointing.
Now what we have done to build a shirt that will last and fit correctly right out of the box:
  1. We had over 75 people wear our initial samples to ensure the sleeves correctly shape to the body.
  2. Our tees are either made of 100% Pima Cotton or Premium Grade Upland Cotton. As part of the production process, the shirts are shrunk eliminating any chance of shrinkage from washing. As a result, you receive a pre-shrunk cotton knit that has an incredibly dense fabric matrix. A tee that will last and continue to fit well due to the raw material choices and production process.
  3. To ensure longevity on a hanger, we have added a black polyester binding along the inner shoulder seam as additional reinforcement for storage and washing.

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