What Is The Process To Tan A Leather Hide

Tanning is the process of preserving and treating animal hides to make them suitable for use as leather. There are several different methods of tanning, but here is a general outline of the process:

  1. Soaking: The hide is soaked in water to loosen any dirt or debris and to begin the process of rehydration.

  2. Dehairing: The hair on the hide is removed using a chemical solution or mechanical means.

  3. Liming: The hide is treated with a liming solution to loosen the top layer of skin and remove any remaining hair and protein matter.

  4. Fleshing: The remaining flesh and fat are removed from the hide using a scraping tool.

  5. Pickling: The hide is treated with an acidic solution to help preserve it and make it more receptive to the tanning process.

  6. Tanning: The hide is treated with a tanning solution, which helps to preserve the hide and give it the desired color and texture. There are several different types of tanning solutions that can be used, including vegetable tannins, mineral tannins, and synthetic tannins.

  7. Drying: The tanned hide is dried and stretched to the desired shape and size.

  8. Finishing: The hide may be treated with additional finishes or treatments to give it a desired color or texture.



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