Why CADOGAN Hardware Commands Respect

In 2017 CADOGAN brought on Alice Corrigan, Senior Fabric Developer and Hardware Specialist at Burberry. A pivotal moment in our story, Alice wrote a 49-page testing manual that has become the cornerstone of our design process. This document defines our commitment to deliver a quality product that rivals the luxury designer market.

 CADOGAN Metal Trims


In part, CADOGAN invested over $25,000 USD with Edicate and SGS to prepare custom molds, metal compositions, finishes, and all associated testing to exceed these expectations outlined by our quality guidelines for metal hardware.

Inclusive of lead, nickel release, puller attachment strength, lateral strength, slider locking device strength, and many other fully executed tests to ensure that this metal hardware was deserving of being included on a CADOGAN Garment.

We standby this commitment to quality,  our promise to you. The CADOGAN Promise defines this, a lifetime guarantee on all CADOGAN Hardware when you make a purchase with us.




CADOGAN Titanium Trims

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