Why we chose full-grain Napa Leather for our Jackets!

Two of our favorite questions that we are often asked are, is a CADOGAN Leather Jacket real leather? And, CADOGAN Team, what kind of leather do you use?

First and foremost, when you have the opportunity to touch, smell, and try on a CADOGAN Leather Jacket you will see first hand the quality of this genuine leather. For all of our jackets, we use full-grain Napa Lambskin Leather

This decision was an easy one. We wanted to find the highest quality leather that offers the greatest comfort and fit right out of the box. 

Let’s dive into the beauty of this leather in addition to its versatility and fit. 

For starters, the leather we choose is full-grain. Full-grain means that the skin surface has not been modified apart from the removal of hair. Each jacket made of full-grain leather tells its own story. Often regarded as the most authentic type of leather, by only removing the hair, the skin keeps all of the texture from the original hide, thus providing an exclusive experience for each jacket owner. 

Napa is primarily defined by its distinctive dying process. Our tanneries use salt (primarily chromium) which is noted specifically for its softness and durability, to tan the lambskin hides. Another distinction of this type of leather tanning is that the hides are dyed in water-soluble colorants so that they are more resistant to fading. As a result, this type of additive makes the jacket surface much easier to clean. 

Lastly, for all of our friends out there with a stuffy nose, Napa Leather is a favored choice because it is hypoallergenic

CADOGAN Man, when you try on one of our men’s leather jackets, you are stepping into over 40 unique measurements and at least 25 precisely cut pieces of full-grain Napa lambskin leather. Sewn together by bonded nylon thread, the perfect fit is created. Look sharp in midnight black leather lined with Italian satin. We hope you enjoy the CADOGAN Experience!


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