Benefits of a Raglan Sleeve

With a deep history in baseball, the raglan sleeve has been a winner for decades. The raglan sleeve is the trademark for baseball jerseys because it allows players to easily pivot, bat, and lift their arms. As for applying this technique to leather jackets, transferring this rich pedigree of unrestricted movement and seamlessness to leather was both challenging and inspiring. Over several months we worked with our manufacturer to understand exactly where the middle shoulder seam must be placed and its correct angle of curvature to create comfort and mobility.  A raglan sleeve is a sleeve joined by a diagonal seam that extends from underarm to neckline. The raglan sleeve is featured in both of our best selling jackets, The MAVEN...

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Our New Pima Cotton Tee Collection!

Introducing the CADOGAN 2020 Fall Tee Collection With October comes the introduction of the newest CADOGAN Collection. We are excited to announce the availability of our new cotton tees this fall! In an effort to bring you behind the scenes of our decision making, here is why we produced these new tees. First and foremost, our keystone product is a CADOGAN Leather Jacket. What better way is there to style a leather jacket than with a sharp tee. With this in mind, we went to work creating a new cotton collection that features henleys with stylish metal buttons as well as cotton tees with different silhouettes and hemline drops.  It is often said that cotton is the king of fabric....

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Why we chose full-grain Napa Leather for our Jackets!

Two of our favorite questions that we are often asked are, is a CADOGAN Leather Jacket real leather? And, CADOGAN Team, what kind of leather do you use? First and foremost, when you have the opportunity to touch, smell, and try on a CADOGAN Leather Jacket you will see first hand the quality of this genuine leather. For all of our jackets, we use full-grain Napa Lambskin Leather.  This decision was an easy one. We wanted to find the highest quality leather that offers the greatest comfort and fit right out of the box.  Let’s dive into the beauty of this leather in addition to its versatility and fit.  For starters, the leather we choose is full-grain. Full-grain means that...

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