CADOGAN is a Los Angeles based menswear apparel brand recognized globally for our statement leather jackets.


In 2017, Cadogan Price and Monika Kopeng founded CADOGAN, a Los Angeles based menswear apparel brand recognized globally for our statement leather jackets. Annually our team travels throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States to identify craftsmen, fabric mills and leather tanneries with an unrivaled pedigree to create the perfect fit.

As a reflection of uniqueness, innovation and purpose, our exclusive designs are hand-finished and marked with distinctive detailing. Each design evokes a sense of confidence and composure. We have coined this presence as Amplified Certainty.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CADOGAN commands the gateways of the East and West through our direct-to-consumer website, local warehouse and nationwide retail partners.

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The CADOGAN Man is an individual like no other. A man of men, he is the elite athlete, the fearless entrepreneur, the eminent musician, and the bold executive of our time. Always living life to the fullest, he opens doors to tomorrow’s change. In a world where most men conform, the CADOGAN Man dares to be different and challenges the world’s expectations of him.

Unparalleled in all that he does, the CADOGAN Man’s burning desire for distinction fuels his drive and tenacity. Always composed, the CADOGAN Man never loses focus of his path - a path few dare to tread. Every stitch, every detail and every finish of the CADOGAN Collection is crafted with this man in mind, you. 

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cadogan lion white

About the Lion

These visual elements communicate the CADOGAN brand, and, together, they form a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

The Door Knocker
The CADOGAN Man is always confident and composed. He never breaks, and his door is open only to those close to him. Like the steady door knocker, he exudes an air of calm and stability, ready to open the door to tomorrow’s change.

The Eyes of Determination
CADOGAN seeks to inspire today’s leaders and tomorrow’s legends. The Lion’s eyes tell this story. His eyes reveal the CADOGAN Man’s undying tenacity, as well as his burning drive to be exemplary.

The Lion
A leader, a warrior, and, most of all, a king, the Lion commands absolute respect. Placed within the CADOGAN clan Coat of Arms, it is the symbol that establishes the respect earned by the distinguished agents of change who bear the CADOGAN brand.