Luxury For Living

The way we dress is an expression of our power. It’s a manifestation of self-belief, a reflection of the success we’ve strived for, and a distillation of the image we’ve honed over years of progress.

At CADOGAN, we know that confidence arises from quality. We see each day the transformative power of luxury garments, of clothing crafted from a dedication to excellence.

It’s in the way we stand a little taller, embody our self-worth, and head out the door with purpose. It’s in the way our clothing creates opportunities, and grants us the tools to grasp them with both hands. CADOGAN is here to celebrate the successes that each day presents. With no room for compromise - whether in the fabrics we source, the forms we achieve or the results we attain - the paths we forge lead only upward.

After all, being a man isn’t about starting new journeys, it’s about seeing them through to completion. It’s why we craft lifestyle wear for enduring style. It’s why we’re redefining luxury with each and every garment. It’s why we - like you - never settle for second-best, and set our sights on bringing new concepts of quality to your wardrobe. Above all, wearing CADOGAN turns every moment into an occasion.

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Founded in Los Angeles in April 2019 by Cadogan Price, CADOGAN has garnered a global reputation for excellence in luxury men’s lifestyle wear.

Inspired by those who reach out to grasp success, we’ve built a wide-reaching community of individuals who embody the confidence that arises from quality. Led by garments crafted to unbridle potential, enable effortless style and forge pathways to achievement with a refined fit, we challenge the definition of luxury with designs for living.

CADOGAN takes its cues from the aspirational stylings of our Los Angeles roots, yet looks to the wider world for the craftsman, high-end fabrics and manufacturers matching our uncompromising vision. We celebrate uniqueness and innovation, presenting exclusive hand-finished designs elevated with detail and distinction. In doing so, our commitment to quality and urbane sophistication transforms each day into opportunities for enduring success.

Through our direct-to-consumer website, Los Angeles warehouse and nationwide retail partners, we’re bringing approachable luxury to the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to lead.

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He is an individual, who forges his path on both wisdom and intuition. The CADOGAN Man is he who matches the creative spirit with the athlete’s endurance, the father’s experience with the son’s fearless independence. Ever ready for adventure, he dares to express that which makes him unique, subverting and challenging expectations while embracing the distinctive and the distinguished.

The CADOGAN Man is fueled by his inherent drive, his innate tenacity, his natural talent for blazing trails… which others will doubtlessly follow. Never losing sight of his destination, he nonetheless embraces the journey and all its wonders. It’s a path few dare to tread, yet one he walks with a signature swagger.

Crafted for all expressions of the CADOGAN Man, the CADOGAN Collection is imbued with his commitment to excellence. Every stitch, every detail, every fabric and finish is made with this man - you, in all your facets - in mind.

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cadogan lion white

The Lion

These visual elements communicate the CADOGAN brand, and, together, they form a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

The Door Knocker
The CADOGAN Man is always confident and composed. He never breaks, and his door is open only to those close to him. Like the steady door knocker, he exudes an air of calm and stability, ready to open the door to tomorrow’s change.

The Eyes of Determination
CADOGAN seeks to inspire today’s leaders and tomorrow’s legends. The Lion’s eyes tell this story. His eyes reveal the CADOGAN Man’s undying tenacity, as well as his burning drive to be exemplary.

The Lion
A leader, a warrior, and, most of all, a king, the Lion commands absolute respect. Placed within the CADOGAN clan Coat of Arms, it is the symbol that establishes the respect earned by the distinguished agents of change who bear the CADOGAN brand.