About Our Leather

CADOGAN Leather Jacket

Each CADOGAN Jacket is over 40 unique measurements and at least 25 precisely cut pieces of lambskin leather. Look sharp in full-grain Napa leather lined with Italian satin. Hand-selected from Italy, Brazil and China, CADOGAN Leather is world class. Click here to EXPLORE.

Full-Grain Napa Lambskin Leather

CADOGAN Full-grain means that the skin surface has not been modified apart from the removal of hair. Each jacket made of our full-grain leather tells its own story. It is often regarded as the most authentic type of leather since only the hair is removed, creating a skin that keeps all of the texture of the original hide, thus providing an exclusive experience for each CADOGAN Jacket owner.

CADOGAN Napa Leather is defined by its distinctive dying process. Our tanneries use salt (primarily chromium) which is noted specifically for its softness and durability, to tan the hides of our premium leather. Another distinction of our leather is that it is dyed in water-soluble colorants so that it is more resistant to fading. As a result, this type of additive makes the CADOGAN Jacket surface much easier to clean. Click here to EXPLORE.

Satin Lining

Our Satin Lining is 74% Acetate and 26% Polyester. Fabrics made from acetate offer a higher level of comfort because acetate has leading moisture absorption properties. This characteristic ensures better sweat control for the CADOGAN Man. The suppleness of acetate allows the fabric to drape well and conform to body contours without clinging. Polyester plays an important role in fortifying the fiber matrix of our custom lining and provides a shine that is undeniably sharp. Click here to EXPLORE.

Removable Main Zipper Extension

The removable main zipper extension is a proprietary innovative way to style as well as alter the look and fit of your CADOGAN Jacket. The extra two inches provided by the extension creates a half size. Therefore, if you have broader shoulders and a narrower waist you may choose to remove the extension to capture a more tailored fit. If you have a wider waistline, the extension could offer more comfort when the jacket is zipped. With the assistance of the extension, the same CADOGAN Jacket can provide a sharp appearance and comfortable fit for both body types. Click here to EXPLORE.

CADOGAN Metal Hardware

CADOGAN invested over $25,000 USD with Edicate and SGS to prepare custom molds, metal compositions, finishes, and all associated testing to exceed expectations outlined by our quality guidelines for metal hardware. This includes lead, nickel release, puller attachment strength, lateral strength, slider locking device strength, and many other comprehensive tests to ensure that our approved metal hardware is deserving of being included on a CADOGAN Garment. Click here to EXPLORE.