The Son Grows To Become A Man

As the sons of fathers, our footsteps inevitably fall into those who walked ahead of us. It may take years to realise, the footsteps may never fit seamlessly and the destinations may be worlds apart. No matter how winding the road, one truth remains: the journeys and decisions we make are inevitably built upon their shoulders.

The journey of CADOGAN began, as so many do, with the wisdom of a father.

An intrepid outdoorsman, my father made much of his impression on my childhood as he ascended mountains and traversed icy landscapes. He continues to astound with his hikes along the Pacific Coast Trail, from Mexico to Canada and beyond, and his outlook and adventurous spirit doubtlessly made me the man I am today.

My father’s philosophy on clothing was informed by his ambitious and adventurous spirit. For him, attire was functional, crafted for practicality, and worthy of the often considerable investments they required. He was, simply put, a man from a generation that saw the value of quality, and that which was made to last.

Designer clothes made little sense to my father. While he’d happily purchase the well-crafted cleats or lacrosse gloves needed for my budding sports career, the idea of spending any real money on jeans or a tee - which inherently lacked function, purpose and performance - was beyond his comprehension.

As a young man, despite my admiration, I felt compelled to challenge these sensibilities and rebel against his firmly-held values.

My fashion-centric rebellion arose from shame: I’d first hide my desires for life’s finer things, then later showcase my more ostentatious purchases as a way of asserting my independence. I loved my tailored suits, my designer threads and decidedly impractical jewelry… and despite my bravado in the face of my father, his steady hand and my deepening roots ensured that guilt was never far from my mind.

Life - and my own ambitious and adventurous nature - took me on my own array of globetrotting journeys, a long, long way from home. A secure role in software sales led me to Singapore, where my admiration for the craftsmanship and commitment to excellence of luxury brands deepened, and where I began to realise my true path may lie elsewhere. A period of soul-searching brought me to a profound awakening: my creative spirit required attention, and was calling to be expressed.

This desire for creativity - coupled with time spent at the International Design School - led to the foundation of a menswear brand that reconciled the luxurious with the practical, the stylish with the substantial, and the elegant with the enduring. A brand that offered peerless quality for men who will not settle for second-best. A brand imbued with value - real value - that crossed generations and bridged the gulf I’d spent so long battling.

CADOGAN was born to craft luxurious, high-quality and enduringly stylish menswear. It was to be - and it became - a brand which forges the best of all possible worlds, making every garment an investment into the years of satisfying wear it provides.

Taking inspiration both from the realms of contemporary men’s fashion and the insight of our fathers, we offer a confident fit and urbane elegance alongside longevity, functionality and reliability. Our impeccable attention to detail, the utmost in artisanal fabrics, and styles which adapt to the individual bring everyday confidence that lasts a lifetime.

Rebellion is reconciled with wisdom. Style is nothing without substance. The son grows to become a man.

CADOGAN is my story.

Cadogan Price