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The Founders

A fascination with authentic creation, the allure of sophisticated minimalism, and an obsession for detail with an edge - these form the undeniable hallmarks of American menswear brand, CADOGAN. At the helm are founders Monika Kopeng and Cadogan Price, whose desire to challenge the mediocrity of basic ready-to-wear fashion staples brought them together to conceive a striking new luxury brand.

Monika and Cadogan met one another through the burgeoning fashion scene in Singapore. Learning of each other’s aspirations to create their own line, they came together to launch CADOGAN in September 2017 in Los Angeles. CADOGAN is influenced by both their minimalist personal styles, blending simplicity, practicality and an impeccable construction of quality garment making. Their worldly experience has brought about an awareness of men’s fashion globally and led to a desire to create an internationally styled, trans-seasonal clothing line.


MONIKA KOPENG was born in Bandung, Indonesia, to a Bahasa and German-speaking family. She moved to Singapore in 2008 to study Fashion and Apparel Design at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, and graduated with a distinction three years later.

In 2011, Monika undertook a mentorship with the highly regarded and award-winning Singapore designer Sven Tan, who tutored her in the art of accessories design. It was there that she began to hone her skill and craftsmanship, while developing an appreciation for detailing through experimenting with garments lined with enamel, ropes, jewels, and chains.

Later that year, Monika went on to join the Singapore Young Designer Collection Showcase at FIDé Fashion Weeks where her debut collection, Edge of Deconstruction, was previewed at Singapore Women’s Fashion Week, receiving critical acclaim.

Since then, Monika has been at the helm of international fashion houses serving as both a senior fashion designer as well as the Head of Production. During her tenure, she was tasked to create semi-couture collections with directive over branding, advertising campaigns and studio design. Her aesthetic perspective has evolved over the years into a modern twist of structured silhouettes, which emphasizes simplicity and minimalism. Her current interests lie in the precision of experimental drafting and draping, studying the folds and fall of fabric.

Destined to be a designer from the tender age of eight, Monika was often found sketching illustrations based on pictures from her mother’s magazines. She has also worked as a journalist, covering humanitarian stories in Indonesia. Her time as a reporter solidified her vision to become an independent designer with the autonomy to bring about change through her creativity and fuse her passions for travel, fashion and photojournalism.


CADOGAN PRICE was born in Newtown, Pennsylvania. As a child he was taught the importance of exploring the world and opening one's self to foreign cultures. Through his travels, he was enriched by the cultural landscapes of other countries, specifically by their art, music and dance which imprinted onto him a more worldly perspective.

With aspirations of starting a fashion label from an early age, Cadogan was always encouraged to cultivate his creative side and progressed as an emerging artist. It was in the studio that he learnt the relevance of detailing; how in punctuated forms, it can transform something into the extraordinary. Cadogan’s first taste of the fashion business was working part-time at Abercrombie & Fitch, discovering the theatre of retail and storytelling through multi-sensory experiences.

Possessing an aptitude for ideation, Cadogan launched a sports start-up while studying for his two bachelor’s degrees - the first in Marketing, and the second in Entrepreneurship - at the University of Arizona. The success of the start-up affirmed his passion for enterprise.

Upon graduation, Cadogan went on to pursue his second passion in sports marketing. Moving to Barcelona, he joined a corporate sports hospitality firm where he undertook the responsibility of executing regional marketing campaigns. In 2014, Cadogan was headhunted for a role in Singapore as the Asia Pacific Director of Sales & Operations for a world-leading provider of media software. Managing a portfolio worth $56 million, he has spent his career executing visionary strategies which have led to unprecedented growth.

Cadogan’s own personal mantra is, “Strive for Greatness. Live Abundantly. Always be Humble,” and it is a creed that embodies the CADOGAN brand as well.